Handy tips to buy a best fitted shirt

Handy tips to buy a best fitted shirt

July 12, 2019 Off By admin

Shirt is that piece of clothing which will make you hero or zero. If it is chosen well then it will not only increase your personality but also makes you look more elegant. It does not mean that the shirt you buy must be expensive or branded. You can buy a great fitted shirt from a local tailored shirts Dubai shop. The main thing is that the shirt must be the one which fits best and should be according to your body type. There are many things one should consider before buying a shirt. Some of these you can find out here now:

Know yourself: Before buying a perfect shirt you should know about yourself. You should have a good idea about your arms, neck, shoulders and length measurement. There are some custom made sizes like small, medium, large and extra large are available but honestly they can’t be fit to everybody. Sometimes people have to buy tailored shirts in order to get the best fitting and handsome look.

Fine appearance: Before buying you should know about what type of shirt you want according to the occasion you want to go or if you want to buy it for everyday use. There are different kinds of shirts available in the market some have short collars some have regular, some have pleats on their back to have some extra inches of cloth so that it may fit people with heavy fat at the back or for muscular ones and some are without pleats, some have buttons on cuffs others have room for studs, so just have to know the right thing which will fit. Now a day there is an ongoing trend of wearing fitted shirts and you should have to follow the trend to make a room for yourself in your surroundings.

Material: Material of your clothing is of immense importance like you cannot wear velvet fabric shirt in summer or a cotton fabric shirt in winter. Also there are some people who can’t wear mix kind of fabric as it will make them itchy so you have to know about it and then make a buying decision.

Above all that there is a tip that one should avoid getting polyester material shirts because they are not comfortable as compared to cotton and also they do not look classy and elegant.