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Books in ‘romance novel’

Emma (Dec 1815)

Sense and Sensibility (1811)

Lady Susan

Mansfield Park (Jul 1814)

Northanger Abbey (Dec 1817)

Persuasion (1818)

Pride and Prejudice (Jan 28, 1813)

War and Peace (1869)

On the Eve (1860)

Rudin (1856)


Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919)

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1918)

Madame Bovary (1856)

Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910)

The Man Who Laughs

The Pigeon Pie

Mauprat (1837)

The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth (1904)

The Time Machine (1895)

A Damsel in Distress

Indiscretions of Archie

Catriona (1893)

The Black Arrow (1888)

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